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The Secret to Will Smith’s Success.

Check it out:

  • Popular rapper, who was the first in the genre to snag a Grammy
  • Got his own television sitcom, that ran for 6 seasons.
  • Went on to become a successful movie actor, who stared in Men in Black, Bad Boys, Independance Day, etc.

I could be mistaken, but Mr. Smith seems to be a very successful guy. You’ve other rappers try to mimic his career path. LL Cool J had a good tv show. I’d like to see Lupe Fiasco get a cheesy/campy sitcom, where he contantly breaks the forth wall, and points out how crappy the writing is. That would be pretty cool.

What I find interesting about Will Smith is the same thing I find interesting about legendary athletes. The man’s work ethic is obviously something that helped him get to where he is now.

Being the best is something you should aspire for. But going the extra mile, and putting in that much more work than the next man. That is something which is very attainable. Hard work pays off. Hustling to get what you want in life pays off. Go through the pain, experience the feeling of wanting the quit, and push yourself that much more to get through that initial shock.


You’ll become better/stronger for doing so.


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