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Overrated Feats in Sports: Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Ernest

The slam dunk has been a major staple in the world of basketball for many years. Legends and modern day ballers alike are all connected by the act of jumping high enough to touch the rim for an easy two points. It used to be a great thing. Now it’s lame, and here’s why.

Pretty much anybody who knows how to walk and chew gum knows how to throw it down. I’m not at all impressed by Blade Griffin, or his silly Volleyball spike dunks. It’s just as lame as the traditional dunk everyone else can pull off.

The value in things drop once every Tom, Dick and Harry has access to it. This is true once a car leaves the lot, it’s true when expensive phones get into the hands of people who would rather have the latest tech, than pay their electricity bills, and it’s true with the dunk.

You have grade school kids throwing it down all the time. How am I supposed to watch the NBA dunk contest, and be wowed by the use of props? I could go out and wear clown makeup, while doing a windmill. I don’t want to, but I may as well video tape it, if people are actually interested in such a low rate spectacle.

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