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Here comes the blitz

Juice Williams, Illinois QB #7 about to get sa...

The beauty of doing something you love for a long time, is that you will eventually come up with a plan that helps you finish and streamline your work.

I did this last week, and ended up with around 3000 new products in one of my Zazzle shops.

Then, I had another idea, that made the process of adding multiple products to Quick Create completely painless.

In two weeks, I can use all of the ideas I’ve got written down in my notebook for products, and have a healthy inventory in all of my public zazzle shops.

Now comes the part I loathe: I need to focus a bit more on promo so there will be an increase in sales overtime. Can’t stand building traffic manually. It’s ultra boring. ‘m hoping people who see my products via Zazzle’s marketplace, tweet or email the stuff they like to their friends. word of mouth is awesome. I like making stuff more than I like marketing it.

Happy Worm in Red Apple iPhone 5 Cover
Happy Worm in Red Apple iPhone 5 Cover by MuggenIt
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Happy Worm in Green Apple Laptop Speaker
Happy Worm in Green Apple Laptop Speaker by MuggenIt
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Happy worm in Yellow Apple Throw Pillow
Happy worm in Yellow Apple Throw Pillow by MuggenIt
Browse other Yellow apple Pillows

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Zazzle payment for September.

here it is, my zazzle earnings accumulated.

Why is it pending?
While the purchases have been cleared(must be there for 30 days becore tallied up), Payments aren’t made to sellers until around the 15th or so This is the 13th, so It should clear tomorrow, because that’s a Friday if I’m not mistaken.


Numbers… (Photo credit: MervC)

Right…But why does it say you’re debts are $51.39?
That’s my payment total. That’s how much Zazzle owes me for the sales my designs have generated on their products. The minimum payout per month is $50. If you don’t reach that amount, you’r earnings roll over to the next month. Then they are tallied again, and either roll over again if you don’t reach the minimum threshold, or, payments will clear around the middle of the following month.

It’s really not that complicated. I’ll probably end up doing a comic, explaining the process in simple terms(sans run on sentences.)

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I like dime pieces.

Two dorks, one jar. Oh my gosh!

Literally. I like picking up dimes, and saving them. They say a penny saved…Then I usually walk away. Fluck a penny! 10 cents at a time is the bare minimum I roll with. Nickels are always good to have around; If only so you can flip them at people whom you don’t value and tell them “go buy yourself somethin’ nice!”

It only takes 10 dimes to make a dollar. Simple math. 100 dimes is 10 bucks. If you keep an Altoids tin, a jar or whatever else to collect change in, you’ll soon find yourself with instant disposable income. I probably shouldn’t call it instant though. Potatoes are never instant. You still need milk, a microwave, butter and salt before it’s close enough to being real food. It’s  kinda lucrative marketing  stupid to call THAT instant.

So yeah, it’s as instant as legally allowed, apparently.

In this case, the effort it takes to pick up a dime, or quarters(whatever the heck makes your boat float, sweetheart), represents the potato flakes. The container that holds your money is the bowl. repetition and time are the water and microwave, respectively.

This guy….gets bishes, I’m sure.

I guess you could put on a big tacky gold chain, listen to William Hung, then do the running man, and have that be the butter in you please. I’m not here to judge. I’m just kicking that sweet science for ya’ ass! Do whatever it takes to get your rocks off… You sick, uncoordinated freak, you!

How long it takes to accumulate this disposable jackpot depends. Do you have friends who like to ask you to do stuff all the time(that sweet girl you like, who turned into an ungrateful wench when she put you in the friendzone)? Well, You can tell them you are trying an experiment, and need all the loose change they can gather in order to help Will Smith save the world from aliens.

Or, tell them you like shiny things, and you want any extra coins they’re willing to spare. That’s the boring way to do it. Choose whatever way fits your personality.

if you have trouble keeping that hand of yours out of the currency cookie jar, you could put a note on it with a reminder of what you’re saving up for. this would mostly likely be a rainy day fund. that’s always a useful thing to have. Or, you could be saving for something specific, and long term. maybe you want to take a trip to Vegas, and catch all types of STD’s from the loose women who hang out in front of Barry Manilow’s dressing room.


Again, I ain’t judging shit.


Just be sure to have a  reason for this self maintained saving account of yours, or you’ll have many reasons to bleed your funds dry before they can grow into big strong sums like they’ve always dreamed of.

Allow me to shamelessly jack the closing line from every Hodge Twins Youtube video by saying….



…It’s just advice….That’s all it is….do whatever F&$# YOU WANNA DEW!




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Five hunnid

500 dollar T-Shirt
500 dollar T-Shirt by Mindful_Drivel
Create your own custom picture shirts on zazzle.
Feel like a million, but don’t wanna make everyone else feel like a cent? Under value your own self worth, for the good of your friends and family.

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If pro wrestling taught me anything…

It’s that the bad guy is often the coolest mofo in the building.

Ric Flair in Seoul, South Korea. February 10, ...

Also, it’s that you have to have some unlikely alliances every now and again. That’s why I’ve decided to hook up with the Evil Yahoo, and try this Yahoo! Contributor thing once more.

I figured I may as well give this a shot. Not enough has changed at Associated Content(what’s left of it) to completely give it up.

If I get 500 views a day, for 31 days, its 15500 views  total for that month.

that’s 15.50 times 2 = $31 a month. That’s my goal, $31 dollars a month associated content.


as a contributor to yahoo sites, you have a clout level that is determined by the total page views your articles have received. My clout is at level 10, thus my earnings per 1000 views is $2.

How can you increase your page views?

SEO…which I hate because not knowing how to implement it will make you look like a tool when you try it the first time.

But I don’t have to worry about that shit, but I’m not wasting time with trying to publish anything on that busted ass site. I figure I may as well get the most out of the 100+ articles I already have over there. So, I will try to promote those to earn a passive income monthly.

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Here’s a lay of the land when it comes to internet work.

Basically, you are surrounded by a bunch of crooks who are just looking to get one over on you, and drain your bank account. It never fails. When you have access to millions upon millions of people around the world, you tend to get a little greedy. As an admin. of a website, you have a few options. You can provide services that help your customers, or hurt them. Some people wish to make a business of hurting.

While others, such as Yahoo, wish to make a business of buying perfectly good companies, and making their products into crap. Thus the story behind what happened to Associated Content.
AC was a hub for indie writers to publish their articles, and create disposable income via page views. It was actually one of Read the rest of this entry »

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Mission statement: cha-ching!



Project: M.A.O. M.O.Z.I.


International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit:




What the heck is mao mozi?

It’s an acronym(duh) that stands for “Make Alot Of Money On Zazzle, Intentionally.”


What’s a Zazzle?


Zazzle is a product on demand marketplace where artists can upload designs, and have them incorporated into merch like shirts, iPad cases, mugs, etc.




Why the blog?


I want to document and work out a system for selling a consistent amount of stuff on zazzle monthly. My overall goal is to earn a living by selling products though the site, and paying off a few debts along the way. Finding a job you love is rough. Why not create one?




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