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Here comes the blitz

Juice Williams, Illinois QB #7 about to get sa...

The beauty of doing something you love for a long time, is that you will eventually come up with a plan that helps you finish and streamline your work.

I did this last week, and ended up with around 3000 new products in one of my Zazzle shops.

Then, I had another idea, that made the process of adding multiple products to Quick Create completely painless.

In two weeks, I can use all of the ideas I’ve got written down in my notebook for products, and have a healthy inventory in all of my public zazzle shops.

Now comes the part I loathe: I need to focus a bit more on promo so there will be an increase in sales overtime. Can’t stand building traffic manually. It’s ultra boring. ‘m hoping people who see my products via Zazzle’s marketplace, tweet or email the stuff they like to their friends. word of mouth is awesome. I like making stuff more than I like marketing it.

Happy Worm in Red Apple iPhone 5 Cover
Happy Worm in Red Apple iPhone 5 Cover by MuggenIt
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Happy Worm in Green Apple Laptop Speaker
Happy Worm in Green Apple Laptop Speaker by MuggenIt
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Happy worm in Yellow Apple Throw Pillow
Happy worm in Yellow Apple Throw Pillow by MuggenIt
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The Secret to Will Smith’s Success.

Check it out:

  • Popular rapper, who was the first in the genre to snag a Grammy
  • Got his own television sitcom, that ran for 6 seasons.
  • Went on to become a successful movie actor, who stared in Men in Black, Bad Boys, Independance Day, etc.

I could be mistaken, but Mr. Smith seems to be a very successful guy. You’ve other rappers try to mimic his career path. LL Cool J had a good tv show. I’d like to see Lupe Fiasco get a cheesy/campy sitcom, where he contantly breaks the forth wall, and points out how crappy the writing is. That would be pretty cool.

What I find interesting about Will Smith is the same thing I find interesting about legendary athletes. The man’s work ethic is obviously something that helped him get to where he is now.

Being the best is something you should aspire for. But going the extra mile, and putting in that much more work than the next man. That is something which is very attainable. Hard work pays off. Hustling to get what you want in life pays off. Go through the pain, experience the feeling of wanting the quit, and push yourself that much more to get through that initial shock.


You’ll become better/stronger for doing so.


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Zazzle Store: Muggenit – Featured Products

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English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri ...

If you don’t go out right now, and kick life square in the ass, it’ll continue to make you it’s woman.

if you yourself are a woman…Well…Good for you(I guess). Don’t take offense(or do, I could give a shit.) I’m a firm believer in the $%&* them, before they $%#* you over philosiphy of life.

If you make it a point to get everything you need to do finished as soon as possible, you get more free time. With this extra time, you can devise plants, play, or do extra work to maximize your gains(in the gym, or with your money). It’s the polar opposite of the schlep around, and bitch and moan all damn day philosophy, that I used to subscribe too. It was kinda like joining the cheese of the month mail order club.

Cheese from Madrid

In that, it left you feeling like crap, and smelly

You could wait till later before you get down to business. If the shit gets done, whats the problem? You stupid, non perspective having fool. That’s the reason you don’t live like a king. You are not willing to pillage untill all of your enemies have fallen at your feet. Your biggest enemy is your minds lack of wearwithall to tell you that time is relative to begin with. You don’t know when it will actually end. Nor do you know how much time it will take to get things done.

You can assume, but that’s just a freaking waste. If you insist upon putting things off, at the very least compromise with yourself. Try starting a bunch of projects, and and documenting everything you need to finish. This is better than looking at the can of paint on your porch. You can try using that brush that’s near the can, and painting a bit, just to get the ball rolling.

If you are trying to get rid of social anxiety, and want to wait for the perfect opportunity to talk to that cute girl, or the cool guy you think may like you, try randomly talking to people in public places. Unless you get comfortable with people you don’t know, or really care that much about at first, you’ll never have the nerve to step to the people you do have feelings for

Don't It Feel Good

Don’t It Feel Good (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem with procrastination, is that we are too smart to keep ourselves from using it as a wonky time travel device. That’s all it is. Just like how sleep is a time travel devise of sorts, procrastinating is a way to get from point A to point Z.

with sleep, you are unconscious during this process. So it’s more efficient because you wake up unaware of how much time you’ve lost. Procrastination sucks though. You know how much take you’re losing, because you’re substituting activities while you are still awake.

What the flying fuck am I going on about? Forget it, just get up right now and do whatever it is you are supposed to do. Later on, you’ll be able to enjoy your downtime more, because the have to’s are out of the way.

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You survived another week. Celebrate, and prepare for the next challenge.

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Smiling never hurt anybody.

I know that I’m not alone in feeling down sometimes. It seems to be a popular self help tactic to dig deep into your mind, and find out what exactly it is that is causing your cruddy mood. I hate that soul searching bullshit. You don’t HAVE to go deeper into the dank ass rabbit hole to get better. It’s one way of doing things, but it isn’t the most effective(imho).

Follow me here. I mean, you could get lost within your own shitty mood, and lose track of how awesome your life really is, before you finally start to rebuild your positive nature. Ever start complaining about how much the world sucks, and start disregarding all of the cool things right in front of you?

Yeah man, the wars and what not are pretty fucked up.

*a colorful butterfly floats by you*

I swear….There’s a lot of ugliness in the world!

What’s really fucked is our ability to erase all the worlds beauty from our consciousness, whenever we feel like being massive dorks. Did I say massive dorks?

Silly little emo kid

I dunno. I’m too busy 
practicing my B-Boy
stance to listen to your
trite, positive thinking bollocks…

I meant Massive, self loathing, selfish douche of a tool.

Being all sad and shit all the time is very selfish. You’re probably a really fun person to be around. You’re doing the world a disservice every time you go full retard act overly emotional. We can’t see your greatness when you do that. It’s that standoffish nature that breeds loneliness.

loneliness + emo fits of self hate* = more loneliness.

*which only serves to put more distance between yourself, and everything/one you love

Here’s a quick little cheat you can use to instantly boost your shitty mood: fake a smile. I don’t care if you feel everything and everyone is currently agaisnt you. Just put on a smile as soon as possible. To make things more interesting, try remembering something good from your past. Think about it long and hard. Remember the smells, the scenery, the facial expressions of everyone who was there, etc. Try to recall everything from that moment, and make that the focal point for your happiness.

By doing this, you can carry those good vibrations with you for extended periods of time. That’s pretty neat, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find yourself paying more attention to the positive things that make you smile in life. Not just the big stuff having to do with  material things you want to have. I mean the small crap that little kids are fascinated in. You’ll start to notice little things, and be in awe of how the world really operates.  You’ll gain a new appreciation for the old shit that’s been in your life all these years.

The Old Shit

And, instead of bitching about ICP actually having a loyal fanbase, you’ll accept them for what they are, and try to give them an honest listen this time around(maybe…)

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Jim Cornelison’s National Anthem on 9-11-11

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