Zazzle payment for September.

here it is, my zazzle earnings accumulated.

Why is it pending?
While the purchases have been cleared(must be there for 30 days becore tallied up), Payments aren’t made to sellers until around the 15th or so This is the 13th, so It should clear tomorrow, because that’s a Friday if I’m not mistaken.


Numbers… (Photo credit: MervC)

Right…But why does it say you’re debts are $51.39?
That’s my payment total. That’s how much Zazzle owes me for the sales my designs have generated on their products. The minimum payout per month is $50. If you don’t reach that amount, you’r earnings roll over to the next month. Then they are tallied again, and either roll over again if you don’t reach the minimum threshold, or, payments will clear around the middle of the following month.

It’s really not that complicated. I’ll probably end up doing a comic, explaining the process in simple terms(sans run on sentences.)

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