Smiling never hurt anybody.

I know that I’m not alone in feeling down sometimes. It seems to be a popular self help tactic to dig deep into your mind, and find out what exactly it is that is causing your cruddy mood. I hate that soul searching bullshit. You don’t HAVE to go deeper into the dank ass rabbit hole to get better. It’s one way of doing things, but it isn’t the most effective(imho).

Follow me here. I mean, you could get lost within your own shitty mood, and lose track of how awesome your life really is, before you finally start to rebuild your positive nature. Ever start complaining about how much the world sucks, and start disregarding all of the cool things right in front of you?

Yeah man, the wars and what not are pretty fucked up.

*a colorful butterfly floats by you*

I swear….There’s a lot of ugliness in the world!

What’s really fucked is our ability to erase all the worlds beauty from our consciousness, whenever we feel like being massive dorks. Did I say massive dorks?

Silly little emo kid

I dunno. I’m too busy 
practicing my B-Boy
stance to listen to your
trite, positive thinking bollocks…

I meant Massive, self loathing, selfish douche of a tool.

Being all sad and shit all the time is very selfish. You’re probably a really fun person to be around. You’re doing the world a disservice every time you go full retard act overly emotional. We can’t see your greatness when you do that. It’s that standoffish nature that breeds loneliness.

loneliness + emo fits of self hate* = more loneliness.

*which only serves to put more distance between yourself, and everything/one you love

Here’s a quick little cheat you can use to instantly boost your shitty mood: fake a smile. I don’t care if you feel everything and everyone is currently agaisnt you. Just put on a smile as soon as possible. To make things more interesting, try remembering something good from your past. Think about it long and hard. Remember the smells, the scenery, the facial expressions of everyone who was there, etc. Try to recall everything from that moment, and make that the focal point for your happiness.

By doing this, you can carry those good vibrations with you for extended periods of time. That’s pretty neat, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find yourself paying more attention to the positive things that make you smile in life. Not just the big stuff having to do with  material things you want to have. I mean the small crap that little kids are fascinated in. You’ll start to notice little things, and be in awe of how the world really operates.  You’ll gain a new appreciation for the old shit that’s been in your life all these years.

The Old Shit

And, instead of bitching about ICP actually having a loyal fanbase, you’ll accept them for what they are, and try to give them an honest listen this time around(maybe…)

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