I’m writing a book, and you’ll never get to read it.

You jelly?

I’m a sexy mutha-Smucker, ain’t I?


Don’t be. The book I’m writing is for my own personal development. So, it won’t be of any interest to the 8s of people ho read my posts, or the 700+ of you who ignore my posts via twitter.


Nah man, this book is all about mapping out my personal direction in life. It’s kinda like my Opus, or whatever. I wish my name was Holland, so I could use the poster form that Movie as the cover for this thing.


But that isn’t my name, so I’ve gotta make due and just get down to writing instead. Why write a life handbook? I’ve heard it described as your own little bible of sorts. That is to say, it gives you a template for the things you should be doing, and keeps you focused by giving examples of how to live your life, to reach the goals you hope to achieve. I don’t care if you’re religious or not. It seems like a pretty good way to find out what you are all about. Anyone who says they don’t know what they want to do with their lives, needs to start writing down the things they enjoy, and think of the ways they can achieve greatness by doing those things.


Role Playing | Technology

Life’s a game…with all sorts of …

While I don’t plan on releasing my life handbook, I do plan on making a generalized working from home handbook for people who may be interested. That’ll be sometime down the road though. I’m in the process of writing this book, so that is my main focus when I have free time. It’s pretty fun. I typed out the table of contents to give myself a neat little guide to follow, and started typing out the things I wanted to change in my life. I’m having a ball, and the ideas for all of these chapters are just falling out of my face and onto the keyboard, via my fingers. Does that make sense? probably not to you, but it does to me.


The beauty of writing a personal guide for yourself is, you get to do it in your own voice. You’re the only person in the world this book was made for. You get to recall stories in your life to be used as examples, change names and events to fit your liking, or just make shit up for the purpose of proving a point. It doesn’t matter. You have the power to rewrite the script for your own  life. Just make sure to make yourself the strong lead character. If not, what’s the fucking point of doing a book like this in the first place? You are the star in the story of your life. If you don’t want the role, you’ll never know what you want to do with yourself.



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