Five Reasons Trolling Alienates People Online

Five Reasons Trolling Alienates People Online

Curious as to why nobody is paying attention to you in a chat room/online game/message board/twitter? Do you feel your ideas and point of view on the world should be considered as valuable? Would you prefer to see this typed in leet speak? Troll.
I swear, read that article if you are a recovering troll, and want to get laid for once in your stupid life. You can’t kill trolls. They feed off of attention. Not possitive, not negative. They dirty bulk off attention, no matter what kind it is. It’s disgusting. they didn’t get enough love as children.
Actually, that’s an easy and inactuate way to write them off. They got plenty, but saw that they could easily get under peoples skin, and wanted to exploit that. They also smell funny, and fap non stop.
Stop trolling !

Stop trolling ! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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