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Street Fighter Converse

Street Fighter Converse (Photo credit:

I used to be one of those kids who subscribed to gaming magazines. Yeah, I was the kid who would pull out his issue of Gamepro when it got bored in class.  Used to have a Nintendo Power subscription as well(Heard they’re shutting that down soon, bummer.) It  was a habit. Gaming was important to me back then.


I used to enjoy drawing a lot. I would just sketch whatever i saw in front of me, and people seemed to get a kick out of it. I didn’t do it for them though. Sometimes, they’d ask me to draw for them, and I made a bit of money when I did take them up on the offer of payment. But at some point, gaming became a stronger habit, and I stopped paying attention to my art talents(still having trouble with sitting down, and letting myself draw like I used too.)


One of my favorite genres was fighting games. I love King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and everything else you could think of in the 2D era. It was all good. I  believe Capcom and SNK really got together, and did a bunch of crossover games together. That was mind blowing the  first few times it happened.


When I first discovered this program called M.U.G.E.N., I thought it was one of the coolest things I’d ever come across online. It’s basically a do it yourself game engine, focused on creating fighting games. You can download fan made versions of your favorite characters from games, anime and comics, and have them duke it out with each other.


Looking back a few years, I think I wasted a little too much time with this thing. I was also one of those people who wanted to create his own video games, but didn’t wanna go through the process of learning how to do it. I ended up “starting” a bunch of projects, looking into what I had to do to make it a reality, then procrastinated until I finally lost interest altogether. I did this a lot as a kid. Probably why I don’t have a nine to five right now.


Interesting in checking this game out? I may end up using it as an analogy  for entrepreneurship of some sort, later on in an up coming blog post.  For now, you can read an article I wrote on the 2 things keeping Mugen from being a truely great video game.

Two Things Keeping Mugen from Being the Perfect Video Game


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