I’m not one to rock the boat when it comes pop culture. I remember arguing with a friend when I was a young stupid kid, that Ma$e was the best rapper out.

I never really grew up, neither has anyone else. We all have a warped opinion on a lot of crap because of our lack of objective views. The world ain’t stop spinning yet, right?

It amazes me what winds up trending on Twitter some times. simple hashtags that ask questions, or start discussion as partial statements, those are good. It is a community. You can pick something like that, and focus a series of tweets around it. Okay, cool.

Sometimes, you have trite garbage that makes everyone look like a spammer, out of context. I don’t keep up with the revolving door trends. I notice them though.

They remind me of the fits of laziness I get after having a pretty good period of productivity. Whether it’s working, or my diet. There are times when I slip up, and revert back to old habits. It happens. I’m just a human who’s still trying to get the hang of this whole life thing. It’s a process.

example: Monday I was a machine. I managed to sell three items on Zazzle in one day. Three different stores saw sales from three different buyers. That’s never happened before. I’m still feeling a euphoria from reading the emails I got confirming the transations yesterday.

I’m on cloud nine. The prospect of earning a living online is very real. I just need to keep trekking, and do what I have been doing. It’s working. I’ll be sure to see better days, and weeks ahead at some point real soon.

#winewednesday t-shirts

Tuesday: I’m basically a brick with glasses and a pretty face. I don’t know what happened.I was rolling, and thought those sales would only serve to reinforce my resolve to work hard. It’s the glitch in the reward system. When you get something you want, you tend to take that, and put less work toward reaching your goal. This doesn’t always happen. It is more likely to happen if you  have something that is very unexpected come your way.

The key, you see, is to take it for what it is: a revolving door trend. As a trend, it will come and go. Am I expecting multiple sale days again this week? Not really. I want it to happen, but it probably won’t. I’ll be happen to see an increase in views at the vary least. I’m keeping it all in perspective.

If you wish to make more gains toward whatever your goals are in life, you have to keep grinding even when you do begin to see progress. Don’t let up and celebrate until after you cross the finish line.


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