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Overrated Feats in Sports: Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Ernest

The slam dunk has been a major staple in the world of basketball for many years. Legends and modern day ballers alike are all connected by the act of jumping high enough to touch the rim for an easy two points. It used to be a great thing. Now it’s lame, and here’s why.

Pretty much anybody who knows how to walk and chew gum knows how to throw it down. I’m not at all impressed by Blade Griffin, or his silly Volleyball spike dunks. It’s just as lame as the traditional dunk everyone else can pull off.

The value in things drop once every Tom, Dick and Harry has access to it. This is true once a car leaves the lot, it’s true when expensive phones get into the hands of people who would rather have the latest tech, than pay their electricity bills, and it’s true with the dunk.

You have grade school kids throwing it down all the time. How am I supposed to watch the NBA dunk contest, and be wowed by the use of props? I could go out and wear clown makeup, while doing a windmill. I don’t want to, but I may as well video tape it, if people are actually interested in such a low rate spectacle.

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The Secret to Will Smith’s Success.

Check it out:

  • Popular rapper, who was the first in the genre to snag a Grammy
  • Got his own television sitcom, that ran for 6 seasons.
  • Went on to become a successful movie actor, who stared in Men in Black, Bad Boys, Independance Day, etc.

I could be mistaken, but Mr. Smith seems to be a very successful guy. You’ve other rappers try to mimic his career path. LL Cool J had a good tv show. I’d like to see Lupe Fiasco get a cheesy/campy sitcom, where he contantly breaks the forth wall, and points out how crappy the writing is. That would be pretty cool.

What I find interesting about Will Smith is the same thing I find interesting about legendary athletes. The man’s work ethic is obviously something that helped him get to where he is now.

Being the best is something you should aspire for. But going the extra mile, and putting in that much more work than the next man. That is something which is very attainable. Hard work pays off. Hustling to get what you want in life pays off. Go through the pain, experience the feeling of wanting the quit, and push yourself that much more to get through that initial shock.


You’ll become better/stronger for doing so.


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Overrated Feats in Sports: Hockey Goals


Terry Dunbar, ice hockey goalie of the Knoxvil...

Terry Dunbar, ice hockey goalie of the Knoxville Ice Bears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overrated Feats in Sports: Hockey Goals

Hockey is such a great sport.It’s playable outdoors, and indoors. It’s not hindered much by the elements(unseasonable warmth not withstanding.) and best of all, some of the worlds best athletes play it! Goalies, believe it or not, are not that athletic.
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Zazzle Store: Playmoar – Geeky Skateboards

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Gaming Easter Eggs & Trivia: Street Fighter Series


Ryu fighting against Darun in Street Fighter EX 2.

Ryu fighting against Darun in Street Fighter EX 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gaming Easter Eggs & Trivia: Street Fighter Series


Much like platform shoes, sagging jeans and high/low fives, The Street Fighter series will never truly die out. Those legendary martial artists of the video game world are immortal. The world warriors have a lot going for them . I’ve compiled a lis…

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Overrated Feats in Sports: Unassisted Triple Play



Triple Play 99


Overrated Feats in Sports: Unassisted Triple Play




The three most exiting things in baseball are fairly easy to determine. obviously, the homerun is king. Following that would have to be an acrobatic catch. And the standard triple play has a good bit of wow to it. What about the Unassisted Triple?




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