Fire(works), Kill it with Fire(works)!

I like fireworks. I think deep down, even people who wish to neuter the whole 4th of July celebration tradition, love them as well.

Safety is cool. Protect your friends and family from getting hurt. But that doesn’t mean we should promote the crappy stuff that sucks, and call that fireworks.

Speaking of crap, Who came up with the idea of ash snakes? How much hate do you need in your heart to think that people would want a snake made out of ashes?

Better question: How much of a cheap ass do you have to be, to think buying your kids a stupid box of stupid ash snakes would be just as good as buying that cool bottle rocket firework that shoots high up in the air, and explodes with all bright colors and a cool popping sound? How much do you hate your children?

Wanna know how to keep your kids from putting you in an old folks home? Read 5 Surefire Ways of Ruining a 4th of July Party,  and avoid buying the crap mentioned in my article.


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