Rock and Roll is Dead.

Rap fans are really just trolls when you step back and think about it. Hip Hop is dead? Gimmie a break. You’re just copying the rock fans with statements like that.


Did you know that while you may get older, and wish the music stays the same, it’ll always go through changes no matter how much you push back? That’s evolution. It happens in art all the time. That’s why there are so many sub-genres in music. It’s like a living organism.


Of course you think today’s music is shit, when compared to the 90s. Heck man, you have people who feel that way bout the 90s when compared to the 80s. It’s nothing new. The problem is, some hip hop fans don’t get this process at all. You’re kids musical tastes are SUPPOSED to sound questionable to you. You can’t relate, because your whole focus is on another level at this point in your life.


That’s why the Lady Gaga’s of the world exist. She’s this generations Marilyn Manson, mixed with Madonna and Cher.


Rap Fans: get off your high horse, and appreciate shit more.


Now that’s outta the way, I wrote an article last year cronicaling the best Rap and Rock albums from the first half of 2011. While there are representatives from the “real hip hop” side of the dinner table, there’s also some new school cats who impressed me as well. I always laugh at people who shit on music they don’t understand. It obviously wasn’t made for you, so you aren’t supposed to understand it. What’s the issue?

5 Best Rap Albums of 2011(Thus Far)

5 Best Rock Albums of 2011(Thus Far)



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