If you don’t register to vote, shut up already.

Registered Voted Red t-shirtNothing sucks more than listing to someone complain constantly about how powerless they are, and how the powers that be have us in mental shackles.
It’s depressing. You ever sleep with someone who was only happy after bumming everyone else the fuck out with that shit? I have. It’s fun to give them something  else to do as a way of silencing the bullshit. But eventually, they start talking again. it never ends. They are like a broken record.
I don’t wanna hear ANYONE, my republican friends or my democrat friends, bitching about who won the Presidential election this time around. It’s 2012. If you pick a side in your arguments, you had better drive that ass of yours to the booth and cast a vote.

Or, the lesser ‘pandering doofus’. Whatever helps you sleep at night


I know, I know. There’s this thing we have called freedom to bitch about whatever the hell you want to. I’m well aware of this. I enjoyed this freedom all my life like everyone else.
Thing is, there’s no reason to bitch if you refuse to take the ball when it’s given to you, and score on the motherfuckers who are on the other team. Politics is just like sports. Not watching the game isn’t going to change the fact that your squad is shit. Unlike sports, you aren’t there just to give your candidate moral support. You have a hand in electing these bums into office, then trying remind them of the reason they have so much power.

“I gave you Power!”
~Nasir Jones

You want to hold these people accountable one minute, then shy away from putting your chips in, and casting a vote. What’s the issue? Scared that the guy you vote for is gonna screw shit up worse than it already is now? Hey that’s okay. You won’t be the fall guy. I said, you WONT be the fall guy! You aren’t the only Romney Supporter. Unless you black. In which case, keep that to yourself. I don’t smack people often. But when I do, the reasoning is supported by polling numbers.

Look, I just get so freaking annoyed by miserable people. I used to be like that. I wasn’t the miserable person who wasted time bitching about politics though. That’s stupid. I bitched about girls not being bi-polar and giving mixed signals all the time. You know, thought provoking shit you can’t really do anything about, and warrants an actual debate. You CAN do something when it comes to politics. Get off your duff and vote.

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