My O-Face

Yeah, so anyway, there are people in this world who care about anything Oprah does.

Technically, she can’t lose it as long as she has that Wagon near by.

I understand she’s the queen on tv. I get that middle aged women think she’s the bees knees. All I know of this women is that she can gain and lose a butt-full of weight like no ones business.

While other people think she can do no wrong, I saw the Oprah Network as a failure from the start. look at it this way:

  • You can’t count  on people to change their routines just because you got bored with what made you a star.
  • You can’t hope to compete in cable, when your movie career isn’t anything worth remember.
  • You can’t tell me a woman who carried a red wagon full of pig fat  knows a lot about business. She’s got to have smart people helping her out behind the scenes.

I mean really now, who does THAT?

Same kinda person who lets Kirstie Alley disrobe in public.

For those keeping score, this is another article done as a list. I like lists. They serve as an easy way to get a point across. If you went blind upon seeing the picture above this text, I would like for a loved one to read to you my siniste… sincerest apologies. Twas an accident, I swear!

3 Reasons the Oprah Winfrey Network was a Bad Idea


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