Remember When LeBron was a choker?

That was so long ago. I think we were so naive back in those days. Oh to be back in….2011…when I gave up on the New Jordan and proclaimed him as a choke artist.

Here’s where I was coming from at the time(it’s not backtracking if I have a good reason…right?)

I never liked LeBron as a Cav. I thought he got way too much credit for getting that team to the Finals. I thought those other bums were at least good enough to contribute on other teams in the league.

Shows how wrong I was, when I can’t even remember anyone not named Anderson Ver…How ever his name is spelt.

I think the little one was named Boobie…As in, I should be sucking on one, instead of playing in a mans league, because I look like an 8 year old.

So, when he went to Team Wade in South Beach, I was elated. I enjoy watching D-Wade play. He’s like a buzzsaw made of flesh. He’ll hurt himself for a bucket. Fall seven times, get up eight. He’s cool with me.

Bosh on the other hand…

…I’m not even gonna go there.

So they won this past season. I’m happy. I could have been stubborn and rooted against them, after my article was published, but I’m not a short sighted buffoon of a child.

I’m way more than dis many!!

So, I’m happy for Bron-Bron. He grew as a player. Wade get’s his second ring. Bosh get’s his Championchip quality golden shower. Everyone wins.

Do I regret writing the article? No. A lot of Cleveland sympathizers felt the same way. I was being a political by siding with them. They were the annoyingly loud sector of the sporting base. I won’t go as far as to call them the Tea Party. That’s just mean. I don’t think anyone who hates The Decision is a wingnut. I watched the whole thing like a lot of people, and thought it was a bit much. I just think at some point, you have to let it go.

There’s a good chance they’ll repeat. I know Chris Bosh is gonna do everything in his power to make that happen…

LeBron James: The NBA’s Biggest Choke Artist


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