If pro wrestling taught me anything…

It’s that the bad guy is often the coolest mofo in the building.

Ric Flair in Seoul, South Korea. February 10, ...

Also, it’s that you have to have some unlikely alliances every now and again. That’s why I’ve decided to hook up with the Evil Yahoo, and try this Yahoo! Contributor thing once more.

I figured I may as well give this a shot. Not enough has changed at Associated Content(what’s left of it) to completely give it up.

If I get 500 views a day, for 31 days, its 15500 views  total for that month.

that’s 15.50 times 2 = $31 a month. That’s my goal, $31 dollars a month associated content.


as a contributor to yahoo sites, you have a clout level that is determined by the total page views your articles have received. My clout is at level 10, thus my earnings per 1000 views is $2.

How can you increase your page views?

SEO…which I hate because not knowing how to implement it will make you look like a tool when you try it the first time.

But I don’t have to worry about that shit, but I’m not wasting time with trying to publish anything on that busted ass site. I figure I may as well get the most out of the 100+ articles I already have over there. So, I will try to promote those to earn a passive income monthly.


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