Play-Moar earnings as of today…

Retro Joystick Transparent T Shirt

Retro Joystick Transparent T Shirt by Playmoar
Get your t shirts personalized.

Playmoar is actually one of my newer Zazzle stores. I figures I’d end up getting a few sales early with this one, because the niche is pretty popular. One clever gaming related product should be able to get some attention, and a couple of sales. Proof:

What I didn’t expect from this store was my ability to neglet it completely over the past few weeks, and still fuck around and get a handful of views anyhow.

Let me explain the pending Royalties section in the picures above.

* Zazzle holds your earnings for a period of 30 days, before adding them to your cleared Royalties list. Sometimes, someone will order something one day, then turn around and cansel their order for whatever reason. This 30 day turnover is like asking someone “is that your final answer?” 30 times before cutting to a commercial break in Who Wants to be a Millionare?. It builds drama.

Also, it makes you want to promote and add more products to your store, so as do avoiddays where none of your sales are cleared.


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