Plan of action(or, how to look like you know what you’re doing, when you probably don’t)

jay-z- the blueprint

jay-z- the blueprint (Photo credit: cdrummbks)

I swear, this blog isn’t about ragging on Tebow Mania, mourning the Dreamcast, or Rickrolling with extreme prejudice. It’s about keeping myself motivated, while working from home.

Here’s the plan:

  1. M.O.P.
  2. Make it ‘Work’.
  3. ?????
  4. Profit.


M.O.P. is a rap group, that shockingly has very little relevance to what my plan is all about. If the majority of rap fans didn’t think M.O.P. stood for mop(that thing you use to clean spills on linoleum) It would mean everything to said plan. Sadly, that isn’t the case. It stands for Mash Out Posse…Which still means absolutetly nothing for the purpose of what I’m trying to do.

M.O.P = :dollar: revision 2 OverCat blob

This means, one should demote their attention to getting paid, rather than   draining their funds for the purpose of getting laid. It takes major willpower, and a strong will to execute this. Better men than I has failed, and somehow, worse men have succeeded in getting the things they’ve set out to acquire. It’s because of the next step in the plan.

Make it Work. Working from home isn’t a party. You get to make your own hours. It sounds like fun, right? it shouldn’t be, not if you actually want to get the job done. If you’re honest with yourself, You’ll give your best employee(in this case, that’s me) the most hours, and count on them to go the extra mile for the one man machine that is your company.

I’ve been doing this for 3 or so years, and still don’t have a steady stream on income. It’s because I saw the whole concept of working for and by myself as being fun first. You want fun? find the fountain of youth, chug the water from a Gatorade bottle, and find a swing-set. Can’t do that, can ya? get your lazy ass to work, and earn your downtime like the people who get paid by major corporations! You’re no better than they are.


^^^ I don’t have to go into this one just yet. It’s a step that can and will be explored later on down the line. Am I a lazy bum who doesn’t wanna go into something that’s really simple, and instead would rather make this step into it’s own mufti-paragraphed post for no good reason at all? Yeah, but the knowledge I can stand to drop from do that is worth the trouble it’ll take your impatient ass to wait. So why don’t you just read on , and deal with it.

Deal with it emoticon


Profit. When you do anything in life, it’s a learning experience. You cannot go by, seeing that your results aren’t working out for you, and continue doing the same thing. You take in any and all information, then process it before moving forward and applying what you’ve learned.


Example: Lets say I keep getting content removal emails from Zazzle, saying that an image I’m using violates a copyright held by…whomever.  What sense does it make to keep uploading images and designs that are too similar to well known logos? It’s like uploading the coca-cola logo, but putting a smiley face in the 0’s , and trying to sell that on a t-shirt. It’s not a bad idea if you can get away with it. You probably won’t get away with it,which is why should try a little harder to create a winning product idea of your own.

that’s the basic blueprint for success. While I could probably take the credit for it…That’s exactly what I’ll do. Steal my process and claim it as your own, and you’ll be hearing my my lawyer.




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