Football season = zen.

English: Headshot of Skip Bayless.

All the Tebow talk from wise old Skip Bayless has gotten extremely stale. It’s almost time for the the season to start, and the only thing I’ve heard about was how Sanchez needs to tell the media how much he wants to punch Saint Tim in the face.
Cmon now…Moss has a contract with…I know not who. Chad, the Former baller known as Ocho, is a dolphin. and T.O. is a Seahawk. All those storylines are a lot more interesting than the Tebow factor. Call me crazy, but I don’t really care about this kids religious views. God isn’t gonna strike me down for saying he’s overrated as a human being, and people need to get their own lives in check before they start worshiping another basic human being.

*waits for lightning bolt*

Still here! Anyway, I can understand how Tebow is a source of inspiration. He’s a good kid. He has a lot of things fundamentally wrong when it comes to his styles of play. He literally shouldn’t have any success as a pro, but somehow can get hot enough to get overtime wins. it’s a great American story worthy of the movies.

Yeah…except, he’s a backup…So what the hell are you on about? This whole Skip Troll-bow thing is really inspiring. If I had my own hype team like Tebow does, I’d be an internet millionaire by now. Seriously. I’d never have a day where I slacked off because I felt like nothing was working. I’d always have someone cheering me on, especially when I stank up the joint, and it would be grand.

In life, the majority of us must rely on our own inner fan to cheer us on. Problem is, our own fan inside is too freaking honest sometimes. He’ll let us know when we suck, and how often it’s been that. He can’t trade us to anyone else, so he may start to resent our choices and feed us bad information(like when you look in the mirror, thinking you are the most stunning thing on the planet, but every girl you come in contact with will jump through the window of your bedroom to tell you over wise.)

That’s why I think most people end up living normal lives. We can’t all be as successful as a pro athlete. We all measure success differently. maybe you wanted to travel the world, and not have to work a 9 to 5 the rest of your life? Who said you were only a success of everyone knew your name? Your dream is your dream.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m working on getting my inner Skip to fall in line. I’m awesome as a motherfucker. I’m creating my own path to greatness, and there’s no amount of criticism that’s gonna stop me from accomplishing my goals with Zazzle, or anything else in life.


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