This is why I laugh.

Tay Zonday — "Chocolate Rain"

Tay Zonday — “Chocolate Rain” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rewards garnered form your work are based upon the amount of effort in which you put into the task, correct? That’s a no brainer. The harder you work, the sweeter the reward. We’ve all been taught this earlier in our lives. It’s a harsh truth that no one can reject, because you see the confirmation every waking hour of your existence.

If you put forth a crappy effort at your job, do you really expect a raise? I mean, for dealing with the unstable co-workers around you, there may be a valid argument for why you may deserve one. But you and I both know it’s not valid in the business sense.

When it comes to the internet, logic seems to be optional. Look at all the YouTube celebs who’ve come and gone. How many of these people had any sort of noticeable talent? Other than the ones who could sing(Tay Zondey), or the ones with boobs(being chesty is something that should be an Olympic event), how many of these people would you want to see on your television screen?

Image of the youtube video shown whilst a user...

You have a bunch of people right now just uploading crappy videos to YouTube, because that’s something they enjoy doing. There’s a chance that one of them is so bizarre, so “what the…lol” inducing, that they’ll gain some level of temporary celebrity based on the sheer boredom  that a lot of people have while browsing social media sites.

You know that’s how it starts, right? One person is bored, finds a video. They think it’s amusing, then they share it on Facebook, email it to a friend, text their girl about it, tweet it, or tells their little brother…

…Eventually, it spreads like wild fire, and the person who created the meme isn’t quite sure why that particular video caught on like it did.

I laugh at it because everyone is a potential star on the internet. If you are trying to sell something, or if you’re just posting on your blog about stuff you like, there’s a chance that someone could point something out about you that’s infectiously hilarious, and you’ll soon become a meme.

I’m not sure if I can say whether or not anyone deserves this….but I wouldn’t reject the spotlight, if it were to happen to me.

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