Here’s a lay of the land when it comes to internet work.

Basically, you are surrounded by a bunch of crooks who are just looking to get one over on you, and drain your bank account. It never fails. When you have access to millions upon millions of people around the world, you tend to get a little greedy. As an admin. of a website, you have a few options. You can provide services that help your customers, or hurt them. Some people wish to make a business of hurting.

While others, such as Yahoo, wish to make a business of buying perfectly good companies, and making their products into crap. Thus the story behind what happened to Associated Content.
AC was a hub for indie writers to publish their articles, and create disposable income via page views. It was actually one of the better writing sites out there for a while. While I’m sure the revenue could have been split better to benefit the writers(1000 views equaled $1.50), it was still a lot better than starting a blog from scratch, and trying to earn revenue with no exposure on your own. It was an outlet for people who had different writing styles. If you were a creative writer, a howto writer, a humorist, etc. Everyone had a home at AC.
Skip ahead to Yahoo! buying the site, and trying to incorporate everything into their little network. This completely wrecked what income I had generated prior to the buy out. As many people, I was unaware of the little sub sites Yahoo maintained, and wasn’t comfortable with the way they tried to make AC articles fit into said outlets. It’s like putting a dress on a pug. Only stupid people who love ugly breeds of dogs think the thing looks cute before, or after it’s done.

Since the buyout, I’ve stopped publishing articles, and decided that Zazzle was my best bet when it came to a no bullshit way of making a bit of extra money online.

Lesson learned: never get too comfortable. You’ll need to adjust and change your plans if you wish to succeed with anything in life.


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