And so it continues…


Dreamcast (Photo credit: Elijah)

…Alright, this is quite embarassing. I’ve known about this site called Zazzle since the Sega Dreamcast was still in production. I remember reading about it in the Official Dreamcast magazine. I never thought anyone would be able to make a stead income from the internet.
Now, you must realize that these were simpler times. in the year 2000, I think most people still used dial up. I was using a gaming console as my main way of getting online. Youtube didn’t exist yet,  and a tweet was something done exclusively by birds.

fast forward to today: Google owns Youtube because, they’d have to be stupid to not snatch that up when given the opportunity. I’m still not sure how twitter makes money, but it does, and dial up is for dinosaurs living in the sticks. The world is different today. It’s better in my opinion, but the Dreamcast is long dead. so it’s bitter sweet.

unlike the Dreamcast, Zazzle is still a thing. Sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press present an opportunity that I didn’t think would ever really exist. Instead of working long hours  for crappy pay doing crappy busy work that I don’t at all enjoy, I can sit down at my own home, create something that I had some fun with, and try to sell it on an online marketplace. It’s a dream! I spend many hours as a kid just drawing things when I got bored. Didn’t think creativity could actually pay off.

And thus far, it’s barely payed anything but a pizza delivery bill for me. What? This site has been around for over 10 years now,and I have barely made enough to take my girlfriend to an IMAX movie. That’s kinda sad…

…My approach up until this point has been all wrong. Instead of having a set plan of action, I’ve randomly dedicated a few days out of the months to producing inventory for my Zazzle stores. I’ve got to look at this as a business venture, and not a reluctant hobby that fills up my free time when I allow it to.

If I don’t change my approach, I’ll wind up like the Sega Dreamboat at some point. The people who knew me seemed to get a kick out of my antics, but the vast majority simply didn’t know or didn’t care about what I had to offer.


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